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HANZO e-Commerce is an easy to configure and use online commerce platform, with ready to use templates which can be customized. Through its native integrations to HANZO Loyalty, Promo and Marketing, it has the ability to deliver an end-to-end experience across marketing, sales, service and commerce. Sharing CRM and inventory, it completes an incredible omni-channel experience when used with HANZO POS Platform.


HANZO Loyalty Platform collects and unifies customer data from several sources, such as Point of Sale Systems, eCommerce Platforms, Credit Card Transactions, Email Service Providers, Mobile Messaging Platforms. Using the Hanzo Loyalty Platform's full functionality, companies can successfully increase conversions and grow profitable customer relationships by offering highly personalized incentives, incentivizing them to make a purchase, transact more frequently, or create a more significant purchase.


HANZO Promo Platform increases customer acquisition and encourages specific consumer habits to drive revenue, by enabling companies to create, manage and promote Sweepstakes in compliance with local regulations, reducing time-to-market immensely.


Physical businesses need more than a cash register to ring up sales and accept payments. They need a point-of-sale system that records sales data, manages inventory, engages customers offline while ready to engage them online, generates reports and stores customer contact data. HANZO POS is an affordable, online/offline cloud-based solution that is easy to install, set up and use, while natively integrated with HANZO eCommerce, Loyalty, Promo and Marketing Platforms.


HANZO Marketing Platform powers relevant, targeted communications between our customers and their consumers. Used together with one of our platforms, it manages customer base, notifications, setups targeted messaging campaigns, and shows analytics and reports.