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HANZO Loyalty is a mobile loyalty app that rewards consumers and stimulates the return to stores. In every purchase made, they accumulate points that can be redeemed for rewards and exclusive benefits.

Cupons Wallet

Coupon Wallet is an app that centralizes coupons and loyalty campaigns of one or more brands, offering great convenience for consumers. To use the discount, consumers must accept a coupon and then show the code for validation at check-out.

Smart Pincode

The Smart Pincode app works as a promotional center where brands offer exclusive promotions to its customers.

Push Notification

Feature that allows sending coupons and vouchers for users of HANZO apps. Users can be selected based on several segmentation variables and the coupons are validated directly at check-out.


Based on Bluetooth low-energy technology, beacons allow recreating the shopping experience of its consumers with the brand, offering high-value experiences for shoppers. It allows to send discount coupons and exclusive and micro-localized content.

Mobile Survey

HANZO Mobile Survey is a solution for research and feedback with their customer base. Fully integrated with the other products, is ideal for gathering information and opinion in real time.

Pre-paid Payments

Pre-paid payments is a solution for mobile shopping in which the users get a suite of products in advance and individually rescue them using a smartphone.

M-commerce with delivery

HANZO M-Commerce allows the purchase of products by smartphone that can be taken out or delivered.

Social Gifting

Feature that allows users to send acquired or earned coupons and vouchers to their friends via SMS or social networks, viralizing the application.